Our main courses are aimed at children who are exposed to English on a more or less daily basis and/or already have a good basic knowledge. They might be passive bilinguals, i.e. understand the language but not speak it well, or have an active knowledge of English which needs to be maintained.

Besides classes for bilingual children, we are also started a new class for children aged 6-8 with little or no prior knowledge of English. Classes start on the 8th of January 2016 at 13.45 in the building of Speeltuin Ramplaankwartier in Haarlem.

2015/2016 programme

We work with 3 terms; from September – December, January – April and April – July, taking into account the regular school holidays. We are using the Happy House/Happy Street/Happy Earth series, it is an acclaimed story-based course for teaching English to young learners, published by Oxford University Press. It focuses on conversation and reading and writing in English by using a structured method.



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HAARLEM –  2016 Programme

Building of Speeltuin Overveen, Croesenstraat, Haarlem


Classes for Dutch children ( no background in English required) 

6 – 8 yr olds     –     13.45 – 14.40    Immersion class, focus on conversation, phonics, basic reading and writing.

Classes for bilingual children:

4 – 6 yr olds     –     14.50  – 15.45    Focus on conversation, grammar and basic phonics.
6 – 8 yr olds     –     16.00 – 16.55    Focus on improving conversational skills, grammar and starting to read and write in English.
8+ yr olds        –     17.05 – 18.00    Focus on improving grammar and reading and writing skills in English. This group is aimed at children who are more or less fluent in English (returning Expat’s/children who speak only English at home) and can read and write in English already.




Winter term 2: 

8th of January – 1st of April  2016, 11 x 55 minutes.

Spring term: 

8th of April – 1st of July 2016, 11 x 55 minutes.


AMSTERDAM – 2016 programme


Claverhuis, Elandsgracht, Amsterdam


Group 1.     –    14.00 – 14.55    –   4 – 6 yr olds,  focus on conversation, grammar and basic phonics.

Group 2.    –     15.05 – 16.00   –   6 – 8 yr olds, focus on improving conversational skills, grammar and starting to read and write in English.




Winter term: 

6th of January – 30th of March  2016, 11 x 55 minutes.

Spring term: 

6th of April – 29th of June 2016, 11 x 55 minutes.




Costs per term (Haarlem & Amsterdam):

Costs per term :  176 Euro

Books: 50 Euro – Class book and Activity book

A 10% discount applies to siblings joining the course.



Deborah Knight

Deborah is native English and grew up in different cultures. She has over 20 years experience in teaching English and has taught English to Swiss children for 10 years. She has a wealth of experience in teaching languages in a fun way through games, songs, play and exercises, making the lessons a joy to attend!

Location Haarlem:                        Speeltuin Overveen, Croesenstraat 51, 2015 JK, Haarlem

Location Amsterdam:                 Claverhuis, Elandsgracht 70, 1016 TX, Amsterdam